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Review policy

Thank you for visiting our page, we are currently accepting review requests for all genres. As a group of bloggers from South Wales there isn’t a genre that we can’t cover.

We will accept review copies in a digital and print format and will try to respond with a rough estimate of how long it will be before the review is up. Although we are a team of book bloggers, we all have full time jobs and many of us have little people to take care of as well. However, we can guarantee at least one blog post and as a group of more than one person is reading the proof- further reviews will be posted to Bookstagram and Amazon.

Any review which is under three stars will be sent back via email, unless directed otherwise by the author. We are all lovers of books and have more respect for authors than to write a bad review. It just means it hasn’t been the right book for us.

If you would like to send us a review request please email-

We hope to hear from you soon.

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